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Sandy Mrd on pacing her comeback


In 2018, a new musical phenomenon emerged from the vibrant streets of South Africa, introducing the world to the infectious rhythms of Amapiano. 

At the forefront of this movement was Sandy Mrd, a vocalist whose lyrics resonated deeply with those who grew up in and loved the township. 

Known for her hit single Dubai Sandy Mrd quickly became a prominent figure in the Amapiano scene, adding her unique voice and perspective to the genre.

Sandy MRD didn’t choose music, rather, music chose her. As a self-proclaimed life of the party, she found herself naturally drawn to the burgeoning Amapiano movement.

When a friend approached her to dance for a song they had created, Sandy MRD took the mic and never looked back. 

“A friend of mine got in contact with me and told me they had made a song with Shuffle who is a producer and they asked if I could dance for them. I got onto the mic, lyrics just came to me and the rest is history” she said. 

Her lyrics, grounded in the experiences of township life, struck a chord with those who shared a deep love for music and pride in their roots.

Despite the explicit content in some of Sandy MRD’s songs and judgement she faces as a result of that, her family stood as pillars of support. 

“My mother has always supported me and my younger sister even used to manage me back then. She has always maintained that I have potential to be a very big artist in South Africa and made sure I packaged myself well as an artist,” she said. 

Their unwavering belief in Sandy MRD’s potential helped her navigate the challenges of the music industry, solidifying her confidence as an artist.

Sandy MRD faced a significant setback when she separated from the group she initially started her career. She says that the split took a knock on her confidence. 

“Being as strong as I am, there were moments where I had to go through some intense situations that really did mess with me as a person. When you are vulnerable in the industry, people feed off of that. There were instances where people would want to use me, it got to the point where I just gave up because I was not willing to lose myself in that way,” she said.

Despite moments of vulnerability, she stood strong, refusing to compromise her integrity. 

Taking a step back and choosing herself empowered her to set boundaries and make decisions that aligned with her values. 

Through these challenges, Sandy Mrd emerged stronger and more resilient.

The explicit and empowering nature of Sandy Mrd’s music serves a larger purpose – to liberate and empower women. 

Fearlessly addressing topics that some women might shy away from, Sandy Mrd’s boldness encourages others to stand in their power. 

She refuses to let anyone exploit her authenticity, recognising the impact her bold expression has on empowering women across South Africa.

In the face of industry challenges, Sandy Mrd turned to spirituality for solace and strength. 

Despite her public persona, she reveals a deeply spiritual side, acknowledging the power of prayer in navigating the ups and downs of her career. 

“It may be difficult for anyone to imagine Sandy MRD praying” she says in a giggle, “but I do pray a lot”.

Sandy MRD is also on a personal journey to understand and nurture her spiritual gift, taking the time to explore and develop this aspect of herself.

Looking ahead, Sandy Mrd has ambitious plans for her musical career. 

With her hit single Dubai featuring Dj Maphorisa and Kabza De Small gaining popularity, she aims to release more singles and collaborate with diverse artists. 

Expressing a desire to venture into Nigerian Afro music, she also plans to train her voice for improved vocal prowess and enhance her stage presence for the exciting new path she envisions.

Sandy MRD’s journey in the Amapiano scene is a testament to her resilience, authenticity, and commitment to empowering others. 

As she continues to make waves in the music industry, her bold expression and unwavering spirit mark her as a force to be reckoned with, shaping the future of South African music.

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After facing challenges in the music industry, Sandy Mrd plans a much more calculated comeback into the music industry
The post Sandy Mrd on pacing her comeback appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.