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As already known, ( organised the First International Online Digital Photo Competition (IODPC) way back in 2007 in collaboration with the Cyprus Photographic Society. This was followed by the yearly and very successful Cyprus International Digital Photo Competition CIDPC of CPS with FIAP’s and many other photographic organizations patronage and recognition.

We are now pleased to announce a new innovative move in the world of photography. Photographers all over the world are invited to participate in our new project “Cyprus Individual Online Exhibitions”.

This is a do it yourself (DIY) International Online Digital Photo Exhibition where any amateur or professional photographer can send a selection of up to 30 photographs that will be hosted on, as an international individual online exhibition for 24 months.

Each exhibition should have a title, the name of the creator and his/her accreditations if any.

All images will be displayed at low resolution to safeguard them from being stolen or reproduced. In order to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the contents of the Exhibitions, Velvetclassic will check all photos submitted before uploading them on the website.

The images should be submitted via to the email

We will be happy to provide any additional information you may need through (Nicos Karanikis, HonEFIAP, Hon. President, Cyprus Photographic Society, Former Director FIAP Media Relations Service)

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Cyprus Individual Online Exhibitions

Dear Photographers,

It’s a great pleasure for us to organise this event with FIAP Auspices and would be happy to see your photos exhibited on our website.

As a person who judged photo competitions home and abroad, I could easily say that all photos by whoever are good because they are judged by the photographers themselves! And this is the best judging, believe me.

So, feel free to forward your photos and we would be happy to host them for a period of two years.

Some years back, a nice TV advert said “You make friends with a certain (refreshment drink). Now a days, the slogan has changed to “You make friends with Photos”. Undoubtedly correct!

We look forward to receiving and uploading on, the one who started the Cyprus online photo competitions way back in 2007, together with the Cyprus Photographic Society that has become an annual and very successful event.

Feel free to contact me for any additional information you may need.

With friendly regards,

Nicos Karanikis, HonEFIAP,

Hon. President, Cyprus Photographic Society

Current Participants